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Hyundai i30.

I have just received my tuning box,very fast delivery less than 48 hrs,I did as I was told and fitted to my car in less than 5 mins very easy,checked every thing was ok and started the car all dash lights went out,the mpg was showing 46 mpg not good so of I want on a half hour run the car drove very smooth more power it was great,when I got home I checked the mpg and it is showing 64,4mpg,what a fantastic piece of kit. This is the second one I have had and it won`t be the last well done.PS I have not altered the chip settings it is on number (3).

Brian Snell

Amarok 120kw

The standard vehicle was a bit iffy at low speed cornering roundabouts and the likes always felt it was a struggle

Fuel economy has always been good I thought .

Fitted the chip Friday night did some testing settled on setting five, 400 Klm drive awesome pick up from idle and no lag at gear changes. Averaged 7.9 litres /100

Adjusted to setting 6 much better down low, top end acceleration is great, torque is fantastic.

300 Klm with some serve long climbs and still came in at 7.8 litres /100 what a transformation.

Great product.


Suzuki Grand Vitara 2010 1.9L DDIS

Just have to say, after installing this professional module (in 10 minutes - hardest bit was getting old plugs out) and blanking my EGR Valve (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) my Vitara feels like a different vehicle. Haven't even played with any settings yet.

The small 1.9L engine can pull up any hill I've tried yet in 5th gear at 100km/hr. Its easier than ever to get to 130km/hr to overtake all in 5th gear. Its almost like every gear feels another ratio lower. 5th feels like 4th, 4th feels like 3rd.

Also the EGR valve now prevents any cruise control flutter where the engine would accelerate, starve for clean air due to turbo lag/hot air, accelerate, starve etc. Now, this is COMPLETELY gone and because of this and the easy constant power, I just beat my best economy by a whole 1.1 L/100km. I now get 7.6L/100km or 13.1km/L. Previous best was 12km/L.


Glen McDonald

No more hesitation

VW Amarok Auto 180 Blue Motion. Ever since owning the vehicle from new it has suffered from bad hesitation when trying to accelerate after slowing down at junctions and roudabouts, so bad that it was dangerous, VW could find no problem with the vehicle so i fitted the chip (5 mins) it is now a pleasure to drive no hesitataion and smooth power, mpg gone from 27 to 31 mpg, settings on box at 6. Best £250 i have spent would recommend to anyone.

PS Excellent delivery as well.

Richard Lloyd

Hyunda1 ix35 4WD

Bought the standard device and fitted it to my rail once I worked out which end was the pressure switch! Setting is 3 and at the moment my mpg went from 38.7 - 48.6 which is brilliant. Will try a tank on each setting to find out which is the optimal setting. Did feel car performed faster although this wasn't reason I wanted one. Well worth the money. Great product. (My friend also impressed and will be buying one soon)


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