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Diesel chip tuning, so why don't the manufactures do this?

You may have wondered why a manufacturer can have the same engine in different models but they can have different power outputs.

This is not due to the engine mechanics as they are usually built to the same standard, but its down to the software installed into the ECU which governs the engines output.

Manufacturers don't use diesel chip or common rail tuning modules because of the strict emissions regulations and tax bands, altitude (effects oxygen levels), temperature, fuel quality etc etc. They build the lowest number of variants, which suit all worldwide markets. By doing this they compromise performance and economy.

How easy is it to fit?

Most installations can be done your-self within 15-30mins, no special tools, soldering or wire cutting is involved. At most you may need a socket set to remove any screws holding the plastic engine cover on, but that's it. It's the ideal DIY project!

We provide a comprehensive installation guide taking you through the whole process

Will it harm my engine?

No our diesel chip sits behind all the engines safety features, which remain active, control of the engine safety features are ALWAYS with the car's ECU. It is not actually possible to damage your engine if the product is installed correctly

So how does the unit work?

We have prepared a technical overview document to explain how the common-rail diesel engine works and the tuning process we use click HERE to view

Will I really notice the difference?

Absolutely, you won't have to ask your-self "Is it working?"

Can I adjust the power setting?

Yes, our units are fully adjustable. We also pre-set all units prior to shipping so in most cases it's plug and go

How does increasing the engines power improve fuel economy?

In addition to controlling the fuel delivery our unit provides more torque through the engine, particularly in the low to mid range. This allows the driver to change up to higher gears more quickly, and able to use for longer. MPG gains are delivered as a result of this control over the fuel system and the effects of more torque.

So what's the difference between the two models?

Both products utilise our own custom engineered RevSense software, making obtaining astonishing economy and performance gains easy as 1..2..3!

Packed with a powerful digital microprocessor chip our system monitors your engine millions of times a second, learning from your driving style and making small tuning adjustments to your diesel engine's fuelling dynamically, ensuring the additional power is applied exactly when needed (unlike less sophisticated tuning boxes) and always within the engine manufactures design limits.

Users wanting the benefits of chip tuning with the minimum of fuss should choose the standard model, which will in most cases work fine out-of-the-box, giving a good power and economy boost whist still providing 9 different maps so adjust our diesel tuning chip to suit your driving style.

For advanced users wanting that little bit more, we offer our 'Professional' version, this model uses our unique Tri-Band adjustment system allowing the user to add additional power gains at three distinct parts of the rev range. Low down for maximum economy and further up for performance.

This powerful "bolt on" feature gives the user extra control over the RevSense system allowing experienced users to fine-tune the performance and economy gains even further.

Tri-Band adjustment delivers total control over the character of the vehicle and is ideal for users who tow trailers or caravans wanting extra power or economy or the performance user wanting the ultimate remap device!

Should I inform my insurer if I chip my diesel?

Yes, although the product is totally undetectable when removed we can only recommend that you inform your insurance company of the modification.

Will a diesel chip affect the warranty on my car?

Installing any third party add-on can cause a raised eyebrow or two at the dealership, and whilst our unit can be fitted and removed (reversing the effect totally and without retrospective trace) we would say its often best to ask before fitting to check.