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How to order

So we can ship you the right unit for your car you need to find out some specifics about your particular car/van model

In the UK most of the hard work has been done for us and often the power output can be found on your DVLA issued V5 log book on the inner page, first column about half way down (Section 4), see P.1 for Cylinder Capacity and P.2 for Max Net Power (kW).

This information is found in the section marked below

The values you are interested in are in Section 4 P1 - Cylinder Capacity & P2 - Max Net Power (kW)

This information allows us to identify the correct set-up for your vehicle

If for any reason you can't find this information, or these parts of the V5 are blank (which happens sometimes) then use the contact us page to send us the details you know as we're often able to match up the unit using an alternate database