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Diesel Chip Tuning....So how does it all work?

Today's diesel engines have many sensors which are controlled by the vehicles computer (ECU). These signals are processed many thousands of times a second to ensure that the vehicle is running correctly. Our diesel tuning module intercepts the connection between the fuel system and the ECU.

This allows us to control the way fuel is delivered at all points in the duty cycle. We can deliver more fuel intelligently WHEN its needed in the RPM range to achieve higher BHP and particularly torque output.

This additional torque also lowers the usable "power band" which means that you will naturally change gear sooner and stay in a higher gear longer before you have to change down (it applies to automatics too)

The end result is a vehicle which is significantly more fuel efficient and smoother to drive

With many years in the diesel tuning marketplace, (we've even engineered systems for other other companies before) we're proud to present our latest range of tuning systems, each one built around our own custom engineered software system

Diesel Chip Tuning

Each system comes with our innovative and unique RevSense software running on a high performance industrial grade microprocessor, which is able to measure engine load millions of times per second, actually learning from your driving style and dynamically adjusting engine fuelling accordingly. ONLY our technology works in this way, other tuning devices vary from crude attenuation circuits which can damage your engine to semi-intelligent software based platforms, make no mistake, ours is a next generation approach.

Our Tri-Band feature, which is available on the pro version of the product gives the user control over the Low, Mid and High parts of the rev range, building on our rev-sense platform this feature is totally unique in the market today. Tri-Band adjustment delivers total control over the character of the vehicle and is ideal for users who tow trailers, caravans or perhaps those who just want the ultimate portable remap, chip tuning device for motorsport.

Why not watch a video on what Ex-TopGear presenter Quentin Wilson has to say about the use of similar plug-in diesel chip tuning technology products